Are you ready to earn more money and get more Clients?

If you are passionate, heart centred and very good at what you do  


 You are stuck trying to get a consistent flow of (paying) Clients to your Practice.

 Found leaflet drops, advertising and local Fayres expensive and ineffective. 

 Hate the thought of having to sell yourself and turning into a sleazy sales person. 

 Rely on word of mouth for new business – which is excellent but not very secure.

Feeling overwhelmed, lonely and tempted to go back to the 9-5 to ease the stress and have someone to talk to?


                                                 Don’t Give up! 



Take my simple fun quiz and discover the No 1 thing that’s holding you back from earning more money.

But more importantly find out what you can do to fix it.


Fed up with struggling to get your business off the ground? Feeling overwhelmed, stuck and tired of not earning enough? My simple 6 step system will show you how to get clear, lose the overwhelm and get paid more – even if you have no existing clients and usually give your services away for free.



Join our FREE FaceBook Group for support, advice and meeting other Holistic Practitioners from around the world.  Share your frustrations and your success with other Practitioners.  Find out what works for them or not!

FaceBook live for questions and answers and tapping for blocks.


“After working with Sally I was able to make a few changes in my business that got me new clients and bought back some old ones.  In a few short weeks I have taken more money and feel much more confident about my ability to attract new clients whenever I want.

I would definitely recommend anyone to do the Heart Marketing System”


Holistic Practitioner, , www.hearthandsandfee

“Sally has been a consistent source of support and encouragement for me to keep my business on track.  She possesses a refreshing candor and a dry wit that have made the toughest times more navigable.  As an EFT practitioner, Sally brings deep commitment and compassion; my anxiety and depression have been greatly reduced thanks to her tapping with me.  I highly recommend Sally to any self-aware entrepreneur who is looking for relief from their blocks to business.”
Val Ball, CTLC

Certified Transformational Life Coach

“Working with you has been a pleasure! Since starting working with you I doubled my clients and am on target to double my income this year!”

Astrologist and Psychic, Karma Health & Beauty


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Balance Your Life by Delegating and Outsourcing

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